Turismo en la comarca de Teverga

Roble de Bermiego
It is Natural Monument, as consideration of the Natural Resources Plan Asturias (PORNA). Next to the chapel of San Antonio (dated 1790), the tree known as El Roble, El Rebollu o Rebol.lón, copy Quercus pyrenaica, also large rises in Bermiego. The height is about 13 m with a crown diameter around 19 m and a fairly thick trunk that reaches 6 m in circumference. It is in poor condition, with some dead branches and the base of the hollowed trunk, but remains part of its foliage.  
Tejo de Bermiego
It is Natural Monument since 1995, as consideration of the Natural Resources Plan Asturias (PORNA). Known as l'Teixu Church, this tree is a stunning example of yew (Taxus baccata l.) Of commanding presence and an estimated age between 550 and 800 years old, which, as its popular name suggests, is adjacent to the Bermiego church (village council or Asturian town Quirós), on the outskirts of this and the western slope of the mountains of Aram. Perfectly maintained, has a bearing between... read more
Iglesia de San Juan Bautista de Casares
It was restored about 9 years ago. Recovered for worship. Single nave with wooden gable. Presbytery vault. Gateway south side by large segments (wedge-shaped stones). Kind of traveling across the cornice corbels of the nave and the chancel.  
Capilla de San Antonio
This chapel, placed under the patronage of San Antonio, is in Carrea village is 5 km from La Plaza, city council or Teverga Asturian town. It is annexed to the rectory.  
Palace of the Counts of Agüera
The Palacio de los Condes de Aguera or Valdecarzana palace in Entrago is a beautiful mansion in splendid surroundings, in excellent condition, classified as fortified house, perhaps dated in the late seventeenth century and early eighteenth-property your day that Miranda House rebuilt on an old fortress. It is a rectangular building with a central body flanked by two square towers taller. The rear facade has attached a popular building, with outdoor access and skid row bars and straight wooden... read more